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Flood Relief for Guyana
March 6, 2005

The Flooding

In light of the disastrous flooding that has beset Guyana in the early part of the year, resulting in mass homelessness and outbreaks of leptospirosis, the local public health capacity has been severely strained. As a result, some CSIH activities, such as the prevalence study of STDs (see PDF protocol here) have been slowed or put on hold until normalcy can be returned to the country.

CSIH is playing a role in abating the deleterious effects of the flooding by helping to acquire leptospirosis and degnue fever assays needed to diagnose these diseases. Deliberations are ongoing as to how best to marshal our resources to do the most good.

CSIH's project vehicle and driver were donated to the Ministry of Health for more than 6 weeks to assist in flood relief efforts, while the CSIH NetCorps intern also provided individual assistance in collaboration with the Red Cross. In addition, refurbishing of the flooded student centre of the University of Guyana is being undertaken with assistance from CIDA.

Due to the flooding, a 15-member mission organized for the end of January had to be postponed. A small team was finally able to return to Guyana in late February, while the previously-postponed full team mission will be initiated at the end of March.