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Oct 14, 2003

Trevor Pemberton wins logo contest

Guyanese artist Trevor Pemberton has won a nationwide contest, sponsored by the Canadian Society for International Health, to design the official logo for the CSIH Guyana project. His entry, which garnered Trevor a $10,000 (Guyana) prize, combines the Canadian and Guyanese flags with the internationally recognized reb ribbon for the fight against HIV/AIDS:

Trevor describes himself in the following manner: "adventurous, artist in his own right, an avid reader, volunteer worker, fun, has a passion for stamp collecting and most of all,loves challenges, win or loose." He adds that his favourite authors are John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer and Sydney Sheldon.

Thirty entries were received, with Mark James and Sabitrie Koomar placing second and 3rd place respectively. CSIH thanks Trevor and every artist who contributed a design.