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CIDA Hands over microscope to UG
by Renu Raghbubir

The Guyana Chronicle
Tuesday May 25, 2004
page 8

The Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) presented a US$1,500 microscope to the University of Guyana (UG) yesterday afternoon, at the Guyana Canada Cooperation Centre, Main and New Market street, Georgetown.

The new piece of equipment was handed over to Dr. Emmanuel Cummings of the Faculty of Health Sciences, by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Programme Officer Anna Iles.

Dr. Cummings said that the university was grateful for the donation, since it would enhance the capability of students from the faculty, who are pursuing careers as doctors, nurses and environmental officers, etc.

He declared that UG is training its students to be productive people, and as such the microscope will definitely make a significant contribution.

The CSIH is a non-governmental organization, which aims at improving and maintaining the health of Guyana's population, by supporting an integrated approach to disease prevention, diagnosis, management and care at the national and regional levels.

Dr. Cummings explained that a lot of activities were held to expand and strengthen the prevention, management and care of STIs/HIV/AIDS by the faculty and the donation is setting a base for forthcoming initiatives.

"Many lectures were held at UG and STD, tuberculosis and AIDS but we are hoping to start teaching a STD/AIDS course by next summer if it's approved, we are also hoping to strengthen tuberculosis teaching in the curriculum," he said.

He noted that the course will be compulsory to all students in the faculty.

Present at the small ceremony was CSIH Project Manager, Suzanne Marquis-Hamel, Project Director, Roumyana BEnedict and Executive Director Ms. Janet Hatcher.

From left CSIH Project Director, Roumyana Benedict, Executive Director Ms. Janet Hatcher and Dr. Emmanuel Cummings from the faculty of Health Sciences, UG.