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Photos from CSIH's May, 2004, mission
May, 2004

CSIH's May mission to Guyana featured:

  • annual project review at steering committee meeting (featuring the Ministry of Health, CIDA and CSIH)
  • meetings with Guyanese officials (including Minister of Health Leslie Ramsammy);
  • progress on the development of National guidelines management of STIs and HIV/AIDS;
  • progress on the development of guidelines for treating people with tuberculosis;
  • finalization of a protocol for the first ever measurement of the prevalence of STDs in certain regions of Guyana. The protocol for the STD prevalence study can be downloaded here: STDProtocol.pdf. (You will need Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file);
  • the rebirth of the Guyanese Chest Society, under the guidance of CSIH consultant Dr. Earl Herschfeld and Guyanese physician Dr. Shamdeo Persaud;
  • two CME lectures given by CSIH consultant Dr. Raywat Deonandan; and
  • two prime time television appearances by CSIH representatives to publicize our project

Here are some photos from the May mission:

The professional staff of the Georgetown Chest Clinic.

Hard working nurses at te Georgetown Chest Clinic.

First meeting of the newly re-activated National Chest Society of Guyana.

Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, Dr. Shanti Singh and a colleague at the Chest Society meeting.

An announcement in the Stabroek News for CSIH's upcoming CME lecture.

CSIH's hard working project assistant, Dexter.

The work folders of the new DOTS workers hired by CSIH at the Georgetown Chest Clinic.

New NAPS study project coordinator Ms. Emily Cumberbatch.

CSIH Project Director Roumyana Benedict and Executive Director Jan Hatcher Roberts interviewed on the Guyana Today Show.

A new microscope donated to the University of Guyana by CSIH.

CSIH and CIDA officials meet at the National AIDS Programme Secretariat of Guyana to discuss the STIs baseline pathogen study.

Clinicians converse and network after a CSIH-sponsored CME.

An interviewer on the Evening News.

CSIH Project Director Roumyana Benedict, consultant Dr. Raywat Deonandan and Executive Director Janet Hatcher Roberts interviewed on the Evening News.

Jan Hatcher Roberts and Roumyana Benedict meet with Minister of Health Leslie Ramsammy.

The bust staff at the CSIH office in Georgetown, managed by Ms. Suzanne Marquis Hamel.

A happy nurse at the Georgetown Chest Clinic.

The decor of the Georgetown Chest Clinic.

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Guyana.