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Important news (Oct, 2006): PHSGP wins major award.

PHSGP in the Press



Guyana’s First Annual National TB Conference, October, 2004


Official Project Press Releases

May 31, 2007
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Feb 9, 2007
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Oct 31, 2006
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June 16, 2006
August 22, 2005
July 2, 2004
September 18, 2003
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June 30, 2003
HIS Software Handover
HBC Conference
Substance Abuse Study
UG Summer Course
CSIH Guyana Project Wins Major Award
HIV/AIDS/STI Short Course Graduation
Gender and HIV/AIDS Workshop Press Release
UG Student Resource Centre Hand Over Press Release
Canada-funded STI Study first of its kind in Guyana
VON in Guyana!
Canadian NGO Gears Up to Fight AIDS and TB in Guyana (for North American Media)
Canadian NGO Gears Up to Fight AIDS and TB in Guyana (for Guyanese Media)



Project Consultants carrying out networking and electrical work at a clinic



PHSGP in the News

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October 14, 2003
October 7, 2003
October 7, 2003
October 5, 2003
August 15, 2003
June 10, 2003
"HIV in drug users "alarmingly high" -new study finds", Stabroek News
"Regional Health System receives another boost", GINA
"Guyana Gov’t to develop support programmes for HIV/AIDS high-risk groups", GINA News
"Govt. must sustain advances made under Canada/Guyana health project", Kaieteur News
Canadian Newsblog Article “Guyana records 600 new TB cases in 2005,” Kaieteur News
"Laboratory professionals awarded for their contributions", GINA
R. Benedict’s “Comment: Combating TB in Guyana” Published on Stop TB Listserv
World AIDS Day rally urges ‘Keep the Promise,’” Guyana Chronicle
“Health workers honoured in Region Six,” Stabroek News
“Health centre set up in old NA hospital,” Stabroek News
Manual guiding the management of Sexually Transmitted Infections Launched
Flooding in Guyana
Leptospirosis in Guyana
Delivering treatment directly: A DOTS worker challenges TB
PAHO expects Global Fund to boost Guyana's TB programme --- says it's vital to curb AIDS spread
US Ambassador on HIV/AIDS... Guyana is a small country with a big problem
Lifeline celebrates seven years of HIV/AIDS counselling
Hands International, Guyana mounts peer education and AIDS workshop
Two new tests to help treat HIV
Free HIV testing for women at St Joseph Mercy
Strengthening public health
HIV drugs programme launched in regions
HIV/AIDS records inadequate
Regional HIV care rolls out in Linden
Report on GBC evening news
Canada pledges support for disease control programme


Some Useful Media Links:

The Guyana Chronicle

Stabroek News

Kaieteur News



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